I am recovering from the most poorly planned homeschool activity I have ever attended.  Ever. And I am honestly embarrassed about being associated with this group.


Had I known the “tour” was self-guided, I would have ignored the “no preschoolers” false rule and gone through WITH my children. I wanted to see the Rembrandts, too. But no – my four kids were walked into the exhibit and left. When I realized the tour was self-guided and I saw both “chaperones” walk out with only their own kids, I just walked in through the exit and got my kids. Oh. I am hot about it.


I won’t even go into the money issue – how it was all, unopened and random cash falling out. I’ll stop. That’s all I have to say now because we have a big day including our class at the Ackland this afternoon.  And we had a great time all afternoon at a science museum with my sister. ALL AFTERNOON including driving home in a driving rain which was totally worth it.