Tackle It Tuesday Meme

We took our time building this home. The land was purchased in 1999. The grading began in 2000. And, if I recall correctly, we may have had a basement somewhere in 2001. We received the Certificate of Occupancy on November 20, 2005. Yeah. We took our time.
There were times I wondered what on earth were we doing. Could we take this any longer? There were times I did not think we could. It was not easy. But it also wasn’t hard.


One of the many benefits of taking our time to build a home is that once I placed things where I wanted them, they’ve pretty much stayed. The toaster lives in the same place. The plates and glasses live in the same place… all where I visualized and thought through where they should be and why.


One of the few downsides of taking our time to build a home is that once we got to the point of getting that CO, we were done. D.O.N.E. Done. My Husband stained every piece of wood in the house minus the floors and treads of the stairs – he even stained the railings and risers. To give you a sense of how much stained hard wood is in the house… we have NO painted wood in here minus two of the five bathroom vanities. That’s it. Every outward corner has corner trim, all woods are hardwood minus three of the bedrooms and the playroom (and we wish those were hardwoods now), and all the window trim, cabinetry, shelving, etc is stained. My Man spent countless hours outside of the basement door spraying, sanding, spraying, sanding, etc… hours. So, when it came to extras like bathroom shelves, laundry cabinets, and broom closets, we just left those to sit in the basement. Until recently.


Last Spring my Husband finished the laundry cabinet and countertop with the help a supercool handyman we know. And then the week between Christmas and New Year’s… he finished the kids’ bathroom shelves and hung them, the upstairs bath vanity and set it, and…drumroll, please… the broom closet!

the beautiful broom closet

The broom closet is made to sit on a ledge at the top of the stairs to downstairs (aka the basement). This space is adjacent to the laundry room where I previously kept the cleaning supplies and broom and swiffer, etc. It was made by a carpenter/contractor locally. Ain’t it purty? We haven’t put a handle on it yet, but we will. We just need to order the handle we want. When we can remember where we ordered all the other kitchen hardware. Obviously, we don’t hurry about things like this.
So, today with this loaded broom closet and a few hours here and there, I plan to put rags, scrubbers, and brushes in hands of the children and they will clean the bathrooms. While I sweep. Then mop. That’s what I am Tackling this Tuesday. And with the joy of reaching into that pretty cabinet as needed.
the beautiful broom closet loaded up