I knitted this FOR ME. Not for anyone else. I LOVE this.

It is a knitted neck scarf that was long ago posted on marthastewart.com and just recently featured here on Amy Karol’s angry chicken blog.

It was quick to knit on size 8 needles with a muted lavender heather “classic superwash chunky” wool by ella rae that I picked up when at The Twisted Knitter before Christmas.

While at The Twisted Knitter, my youngest son who was buying a gift for my eldest daughter (they draw names for sibling gifts), chose the very same yarn in a soft aqua. Should I kidnap that yarn before she winds it? Hmmmm…

After a drab Christmas – I *despise* the shopping and greed of Christmas – and a struggling several days due to the late nights and emotional strain that have exacerbated this stoopid mono (I am *expletive* sick of mono) this lovely little scarf was exactly what I needed. Knitted in 15-20 minute chunks of time over two days, I was able to at least push the sore throat and swollen joints and nausea to the background.

I just LOVE this little scarf. And maybe. Just maybe. It’s helped me get my blog groove back on…