OK, OK. I’ll play the right way. I don’t want to, but I will. So here is our week’s menu in coordination with Orgjunkie.com ‘s Menu Plan Monday. With some interesting links and one photo. That’s a good thing, right?

But before I post the menu…

My Husband took a deer a few weeks ago and it has been a real treat to enjoy. We processed it all in our kitchen and are cool aging the meat on our own. We ground a little, but are mostly enjoying it on the bone. We’re even tanning the hide on our own (with the fur). The dog is enjoying the bones after we have eaten the meat and then saved the bone and used it in stock. Oh, my. I really feel like we are making the most of this buck and what he gave.
Yes, I did say my Husband “took” the deer. I use this term because to say he “shot” it is a no brainer and somewhat, in my opinion, barbaric. We TOOK this deer from its family, from its environment, from its contribution. I don’t have any guilt at all. But I do have reverence to what the buck has offered us. There’s a difference. And it’s very important to us that we use as much of it as we can. We even gave what we would not use, minus a few organs, to the dog and cat.

So the first thing we enjoyed from this buck was some hamburger. No, no photos. We mixed it in with 80/20 ground beef for fat atabout 2 pounds of venison to 1 pound of beef. These were DELICIOUS. DELICIOUS. DELICIOUS. And the kids enjoyed them, too. The only odd part to me was the color. They were nearly purple. But, oh, my. SO good.

Then we cooked a “ham” although we had left the shank and the ham together on the bone so the grilled meat on our table was really leg o’ deer. And it looked like a leg of a deer. We used this marinade and rub recipe. Roy was over for this feast and wow. It was SOOO good. I think so, anyways. And it was pretty well eaten by all so I think it’s safe to say this is a good recipe.
A couple of days later I made venison and barley soup using what was left of the leg o’ deer. Here is what I did:

chopped up the standard celery, carrots, onion and cooked them down in a bit of olive oil

added 4 cups of vegetable broth made from my sister’s secret AND then 4 more cups of water

then I stuck one of the two leg bones down in all of it and let it all simmer for about an hour

Then I added the leftover venison and let it simmer for about 30 minutes

then the barley and let it simmer for about another 30 minutes.

OH.MY. Good. So stinkin’ good. I could barely stand it. And yesterday I made beef and barley with steak strips from the bent meat shelf and the other deer leg bone. SO GOOD.

OH! And what did I do with the leg bones when they were removed from the soup and cooled? Gave them to the dog. Good boy, he is!

So, that’s my story. Tonight (or Wednesday, can’t decide) we’ll enjoy the grilled loin of the buck. It’s supposed to be the finest piece of meat onthe deer. It’s been marinating since yesterday morning. And it’s still on the bone, too, so we’ll have more good stock to enjoy after. And in about another week, the rest of the deer will be finished cold aging so we’ll start to pack it for freezing. And I really do hope my Husband or my son are provided the gift of taking another deer this season. What a bounty!

And, so random, but after all the animal talk… I wanted to make oatmeal scotchies for my Husband last night as it’s one of his favorites. However, we were out of eggs. We go through about 5 – 6 dozen eggs a week in the cold months. Only slightly fewer in the warm months. One day our chicken house will be finished and we’ll just walk outside to get them. In the meantime, though, I was not going out in the cold. So I made those cookies anyways. The cookies already have baking powder as a leavener and then don’t need a binder with all that butter. And they were the best batch of oatmeal scotchies EVER in my opinion.



breakfast – cold cereal

lunch – mac and cheese

dinner – venison loin


breakfast – cinnamon loaf

lunch – veggie wrap

dinner – cheesy chicken chili


breakfast – hashbrowns and eggs

lunch – ham and cheese bites

dinner – baked penne


breakfast – sweet millet

lunch – crab macaroni salad

dinner – kidney bean lasagna


breakfast – homemade poptarts

lunch – kale and rice salad

dinner – homemade pizza


breakfast – ham biscuits

lunch – venison and vegetable soup and grilled cheese

dinner – spaghetti and meatballs


breakfast – Daddy’s Breakfast

lunch – leftovers

dinner – chicken florentine