This week I am again only posting a phtoto of my menu on ‘s Menu Plan Monday. I just can’t take the time yet to type and link. Maybe next week.

As I am beginning to feel better, I am working some slightly more prep-necessary meals, but much more balanced, back into our menu plan. The goal is to balance the super wasy approach of The Stocked Kitchen with the much more basic and fundamental approach of plain old-fashioned eating. The kind of old-fashioned eating my great grandparents and great great grandparents did. And moderation in everything. So here I sprinkle in some menu recipes from Little Acorn Learning…

So, as I add grits and porridge back into the menu, I will not abandon The Stocked Kitchen’s Cinnamon Loaf Bread. Just look at it. Would you abandon it?



So this is my week. Busiest week of December. Yet, not so busy at all. Lots of crafts. Lots of outside time between rain drops (and likely in rain drops) and lots of time cuddling a newly found kitten.