Yesterday I shared about how a comment I made was removed from a blog I faithfully and joyfully follow. It all had to do with chasing a lifestyle. I am chasing the lifestyle my Husband and I want. That blog post happened to be about how the writer was creating Christmas gifts for her children, while they were there in the house with her. Well, while I was certainly bummed that my comment, my plea for wisdom, insight, inspiration, direction, was deleted by her blog administrators, she no less motivated me to do the same.

Sure I don’t live in an old farmhouse with lots of separate rooms. Our home is pretty much wide open spaces on all three levels. And sure I don’t have a studio all my own. But I do have knitting needles, yarn, fabric, a sewing machine all my own. And I want to make things for my family. So I have no excuse.

Now, I am lucky in that I am also creating for the Gifts from the Heart Christmas Bazaar (orders, anyone?) and the kids have seen me sewing and knitting and crocheting for weeks in preparation, so I have good coverage! And here’s what little I have accomplished thus far.

This scarf is simply the weave stitch that I made with a bit of an additional pattern for some added texture. It’s for the newly-turned seven year old boy. While this scarf is knitted in some leftover organic cotton, I aim to make him some mittens in a coordinating brown aran weight wool.


This drawstring pouch is also for that same boy and will be filled with pirate’s trinkets including a necklace telescope and compass, both made of brass, that I found during our trip to the mountains this Summer. While my pouch is a bit different, the tutorial on which it is based is found here.


And lastly, and still a work in progress, is this potato chip scarf for the 8-1/2 year old red head. She wants one so badly and has seen me knit a few for other people. I am using this pattern. And I am using hand-dyed aran weight merino from The Twisted Knitter in Mebane. The owner dyes many yarns and does so beautifully. And… I am SO excited that a few of our homeschool friends will be taking a dyeing class with her in the early Spring. This one, I think I recall, she named “Sunset.”


And that’s what this is about more than anything. I spend so much time making things for other people. It’s time I started making things for MY people. My creatures. And if my studio isn’t private but rather has a panoramic view over-looking our pond, pasture, and woods (and the kids playing Just Dance 3), well, I’ll take it over being huddled in a room with walls anyday. Some of the best secrets are those right in front of my face.