Tackle It Tuesday Meme

SO a crazy little thing happened on the way to a regular blog I visit…

I am not going to divulge what blog or even when this happened, other than to express it was very disappointing. In brief, I am amazed at all this one mom accomplishes as a wife, mother, surely daughter and friend, and business woman. Her life as portrayed on her blog is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Dreamy.

She posted about making her children’s Christmas presents. I, in a very kind and gentle (which is not my forte, but I was in awe of this woman, so it was easy at that time) asked in her comments section could she please share how she creates for her children in their presence without their notice. I wanted some ideas because I, too, am with my many children all day every day without the benefit of public assistance to babysit them while I create for them. OK. I did leave out the “without the benefit of public assistance to babysit them” part. REALLY I DID. Like I said I was kind and gentle. I truly wanted to glean from this wonderwoman.

In fact, I’d gladly cut and paste what I asked her as I dutifully and anxiously checked back about every half-hour excited to receive her wisdom. I checked back on my comment for about three hours. And then it was gone. Yes. I cannot cut and paste my comment to you because my comment, my request which was just short of a plea, was gone. It had been erased.

Now, it’d be easy for me to get my panties in a wad about this. I’ve certainly wadded up my panties over less and indeed my panties are worn and tired and need replacing, but no less, they are not wadded up over this. But it did cause me a very.hard.pause.

This woman makes money off of people like me chasing her lifestyle. Note I did not say “things.” I am no “keeping up with the Joneses” gal. In fact, I want to corral the Joneses up and smack them a hard dose of their own over-spending-to-satisfy-their-empty-hearts-and-the-greedy-souls-they’ve-created-in-their-children smack. And believe me, if I could do that in good conscience, I would. But no, I believe to each his own and each one of us is only responsible for our own world. I will be accountable to Him one day. For myself.

I am only responsible for my own world. The world I create for myself. The lifestyle I choose to chase. That was what came from this very.hard.pause.

Interestingly, in the long weekend I had with my Husband, we did actually discuss chasing the lifestyle we want. No, we didn’t talk about the blog comment that was removed. He’ll read that here first. But we were talking about what we wanted our Christmas to be. We had just made Thanksgiving what we wanted it to be for us. For our own little seven people and too many animals family. And we intend to make the Advent season just as much ours. We are OK with saying to family, “We can be here at this time.” And leave it at that. It has nothing to do with not wanting to be with others. To the contrary. It has everything to do with being together in the lifestyle we want. The calm, the togetherness, the absorbing each moment of each time.

We both acknowledged how we don’t, nor really have, cared about “stuff.” At all. In fact, I don’t even care about money given on our behalf to charity. Means nothing to me. I’d rather have a piece of the person who wants to give. Be that piece some time or something shared that is important to the giving person. And I’d much rather give and receive a little through the year and ignore the plume of plastic and debt (from others, not us) that comes with each December. I’d rather December’s Advent be a time when our family, with our family and friends, enjoys time together. When we gather around a time of birth and re-birth like the Magi and sheep and shepherds gathered around Jesus’ birth which is our re-birth.

So, it’s Tuesday. And I am tackling chasing the lifestyle my Husband and I want. Instead of hustling to swash toilets and spit shine floors, the children and I will work together to make sure our home is comfortable for our handwork guests. We’ll make plenty of time to enjoy traveling to an art class a couple of counties away. We’ll take the time to be together. To work together. To love together. I’d much rather have this lifestyle.

And that blog comment? Oh, well. I am still going to her blog. She is an inspiration. And she’s no more a wonderwoman than I am. She just has a nicer camera and a better web professional.