On Wednesdays, generally, I try to share something I’ve learned. Some call that “wisdom.” I won’t go that far. How about I call what I am sharing today “my Husband’s wisdom.” And I shall call this that!

my Husband’s wisdom

Our children are caring, compassionate, and giving children. They, like most children, want to help. Genuinely want to be helpful. And they are.

But I’m going to be honest. Their definition of a “clean” kitchen is somewhat different from mine. Never is this more evident than when I am not able to clean the kitchen. Like now.

It usually doesn’t go well.

“Seriously? You think this is straight? There’s dried up overflow of grits on the stove, evidence of the very good, very expensive Maple View chocolate milk spilled on the counter, cabinet fronts, and floor. Why can you not put the dishes in the dish drawer? Really? If the counters are cluttered, the kitchen isn’t clean. The crockpot isn’t even put away!”

Yes. I spoke like that to them. I dropped my basket. And my Husband does not like when I drop my basket. Sure, it’s a little closer to the ground than usual because of this STOOPID mono. I will one day BAN that word “mono” from my home. Anyways, the basket doesn’t have far to fall. And it still doesn’t benefit anyone when it crumples to the floor with its contents of children’s hard work, their pride in finishing a task, and my dignity as an example for them are all rolling over the sticky, dusty, dirty floor.

In comes my Hero. My Husband. He has a solution!

Why not take a photo of how the room SHOULD look, then they know exactly what standard to meet.

BINGO! And so I’ve started with the kitchen. This is what the kitchen should look like:


No, it isn’t perfect. I’m sick, remember. Yes. I played that card. It’s my basket and I’ll pull whatever I want out of it. So the kitchen isn’t perfect, but the sinks are empty, the counters are clear and the floor is swept. That is a tidy kitchen. And every one of our blessings can do this. Everything has a place…

So, what next? Well, I’m going to build a binder with this photo and photos of the table, living room, and other rooms. And I’ll include some details as well. We’ll see how long it takes. And if I’m a good blogger, I’ll remember to share the finished product with my readers.

I am grateful for a wise and caring and creative Husband.