Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well, here I am. It’s actually Monday. I’ve eaten cream of chicken and mushroom soup twice today. I even choked down one roll. I’m beginning to get fairly cranky and have a new disappointment in my parenting as my kids now call Hyland’s Calms Forte “chill pills.” egads!

I’ve no idea what tomorrow morning will bring. I don’t know if I’ll feel better or not. I know, that even though I canceled our Handwork Gathering with friends, it’s been replaced with a visit to the orthopedist to see if Laura Lea, the five year old, has a fractured bone in her right arm. Yes. That child, but the other arm. Four months in a cast over the summer has a way of wreaking fret into a momma.

And then there’s the 7 year, no, wait. Then there’s the 6 year old – he won’t be seven until Sunday an I will NOT let him age ahead of his time – who has a dental appointment to fill a cavity. A cavity brought on by his sucking his index finger, no doubt. I don’t do anything to discourage it other than saying, “finger.” oh well.

And the day will wind down when I take Kelly Mae to cake decorating class with one of her buddies. She practiced a lot on Sunday. And taught Rebekah Anne as she practiced. It was pretty stinking cute…

I truly hope I feel well enough, and my Husband (who is sick with a mean chest infection) feels well enough for our weekly SOB date to end the day. Isn’t that a fantastic name for a date? We named it that because we go to a local Oyster bar and enjoy their Shrimp, Oyster, and Beer specials. Well, he enjoys the beer. I enjoy the rum and diet (until the weather turns cold and I’ll transition to vodka tonics). It’s so fun. It’s just us among several other regulars. I really look forward to this. I hope we get old doing this.

So, what will I tackle today? Honestly, probably just getting through the day will require a tackling attitude. But in the event I wake with a wild hair, here’s what I’ll tackle:


I have the fabric cut for three more tough cuffed totes and a couple more reusable sandwich bags, and then that set of fabric closest to the iron… I’ve not decided what to do with it, yet. Probably another market tote and then tissue cozies with the remainder. I. Don’t. Know. I don’t even know that I will get to it. Just getting off the short bus, er, short sofa is my goal…