This week I don’t want to participate in ‘s Menu Plan Monday. I don’t feel good. *stomps foot* I am tired of getting better then getting worse. *whimpers* And I am just plain mad about it! *would yell if my throat and head would let me*

But, since I’d already planned it out before my decline began, I’ll go ahead and post it. Afterall, I’ve been sitting/lounging on the short sofa (not unlike a short bus) since 630am, having only gotten up once. It’s not as if I am busy…

The shopping? Well, it looks like a Lowes Foods to Go week. My sweet Husband is sick, too, with a chest infection but he is on that side of the county…


breakfast – grits and eggs

lunch – sandwiches

dinner – leftover soups and stews, chicken, and bread


breakfast – oatmeal with fruit

lunch – Southwest Lettuce Wraps (TSK)

dinner – baked chicken, salad, rice


breakfast – rosemary eggs

lunch – chef salads

dinner – Steak Wellington (TSK), garlic mashed potatoes (TSK), salad


breakfast – cereal

lunch – hot dogs

dinner – carrot Autumn spice soup (TSK), rolls


breakfast – blueberry skillet flop

lunch – spaghetti with pesto

dinner – homemade pizza!


breakfast – ham biscuits

lunch – Tailgate! Party sandwiches, cookies, chips and dips…

dinner – grilled chicken sandwiches, chips


breakfast – pig brain pancakes

lunch – blood and bile cocktail and gut sandwiches

dinner – maggots with Creepy Crawly Cake