Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It’s quite amazing how just adding blogging adds to my day. Just the simple act of stopping to spill my brain for a few minutes.

Well, it’s Tackle It Tuesday and I originally posted how my goal was going to be listing at least ten lots on eBay. But that’s changed. I’ll still aim to get the lots done, but now I am aiming for five. Because I plan to read instead.

The oldest two have had the opportunity for an impromptu dissection of a fresh deer brain, heart, and trachea. How cool is that? A super cute, hip lady with deer stuff laid out over her cute, hip home. Cool! So they’ll be spending their morning otherwise occupied. That leaves me the three little ones.

And I think we’ll go back to bed until lunch. And they can read to me. They can practice reading aloud to me while I rest my sinus-swelled head. How lovely! Stopping is a challenge for me, so I truly am having to Tackle this.

Once the olders return home, and lunch is made, I’ll make the cheese straws for a meeting and post a few listings to eBay. After I am read to.

Happy Tuesday!