When my friend pointed out to me that I had not included the hot dog dip recipe in this week’s Menu Plan Monday, I realized that there were several recipes from the past Menu Plan Mondays I had failed to post later in the week (as promised). It isn’t intentional. It’s that I push out my posting sometimes because others come to mind that seem more immediately significant to share or get out of my head.

This is one such post. The egg molds will now be shown!


The Gingham Fairy dropped off these molds unexpectedly one afternoon with a peace lily and BIG three purple curly basil plants. I was SO excited! What? You don’t have a Gingham Fairy? Oh, well now. That is sad. But moving on, because I *do* have a Gingham Fairy!

So this is a little pictorial on using the egg molds which are so very wonderfully fun to use! Yes, it adds some time to the boiled egg process, but the enjoyment of the kids supercedes the bit of extra time. And y’know what? The kids can do this. My kids actually DO the boiled eggs and I have taught them how to use the egg molds. These are great.

So – STEP ONE – Boil the eggs.

How do I hard boil ours? Put them in hand warm water, boil on med-high for three minutes and then turn the heat off (or remove from heat), cover the pot and let them sit for ten minutes. Perfect EVERY time. No green around the yolks. No sticky shells…


Now – STEP TWO – Chill the eggs
Just dunk them in ice water. I use a BIG bowl because I peel them into this bowl and I dunk the egg molds into this bowl. So, bigger is better.


STEP THREE – Open and Fill the molds with a peeled but still warm boiled egg. Since this process does take a bit, I will remove the unpeeled eggs after maybe 5 minutes so that they don’t chill all the way through. Cold eggs do not keep the molded shape. At least not when I made that mistake.



STEP (what are we on? – FOUR – Drain the mold
Before I take the egg out of the mold, I crack it over the bowl and let it drain so I can set it on a dry paper towel.




And just LOOK AT THAT CUTE KID peeling an egg to mold…


And, despite her frown (because “Mommy is blogging again”) LOOK AT THIS CUTE KID with her chef salad for lunch and some cute molded eggs.


And OH! How did the Gingham Fairy know to present such a fun, practical and easy-to-use gift? She’s on Pinterest and saw I had pinned THIS pin…