I have written often of the very fantastic set of people who surround me. Most of us come from very different backgrounds and live very different lives. Some of us agree in a couple of things and nothing else and some of us in many things with some big differences. I have shared a few communications before (always with the friend’s permission!) and here is another one.  Take from it what you want, but I think it’s pretty fantastic!


This is a facebook exchange.


FRIEND: Thank you big government for once again “taking care of the people.” Over the counter inhalers are no longer allowed to be sold for fear of polluting our precious air. How ironic that my young child can’t breathe to enjoy said air. Government, you rock.


ME: Your child doesn’t deserve to breathe the air. Your child is already entitled as it is. Now, those that don’t have the privilege your child has, they can just pop into the ER for $5 and not only get an inhaler but the kid gets to miss school and momma and/or papa, they get to miss work. Ahhh… You’re welcome. Love, Big Government


FRIEND:  Don’t I know it. I’m soooooo aggravated. I really could cry. 😦


ME: Don’t cry. I am heartless even though I pretend to be caring. I am just a power-hungry monster and when you cry, I gain that much more power over you. Not-so-much love, Your Big Government.


FRIEND: Thank you BG. May I call you that? Anyhow, I do appreciate all the pretend caring you do. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Except when it doesn’t. Most of the time I simply feel helpless and agitated. Especially when you choose the stupid ecological footprint over the ability for a person to breathe when needed. Or, how about, (now here’s a good one) when you decided that we all need to change our lightbulbs to those weird curly ones that are more expensive and need to be disposed of in a completely different manner. Or the time when you bailed out the companies instead of letting them fail and let free enterprise take over. I just figured out that you DON’T rock, as I stated above. Should I continue?


ME: Please, do continue..


FRIEND: You first. Explain yourself BG.

FRIEND:  http://www.thetimesnews.com/articles/program-48491-raleigh-cost.html LIKE THIS! Shouldn’t 4 year olds be coloring, finger painting, and eating paste at their homes or at a day care care on their working parent’s dime? Do tell.


FRIEND: Day care care? That implies there is twice the care, when we know better. 😉 hahahaha


ME: No. Children have no place in the home. In the home they will develop too much independence and think too freely. Independent free-thinkers are a bane to the government wheel that must continually be supplied with younger, fresher workers/drones.

As their predecessors age, I keep them going on welfare called Medicare and Medicaid, keeping them alive until they and their children finally cave to my wishes and let me decide when they may die.

No, there is no place for children or the elderly in homes. I have successfully built schools, nursing homes, and daycares dependent on my dimes sucked from those who still believe they can earn for themselves. Bwah-ha-ha! (that is my evil laugh) You fools!


FRIEND: You are cruel and harsh BG. There is no way around it. You have fooled people into believing they can’t think for themselves. But you haven’t fooled me. I will go to the ends of the country (not the earth, since you really have no place in other countries, either) to make sure the eyes of your legal citizens are opened (since illegals want to keep their eyes shut in order to keep working your system). Stop interfering and allow us to do what the founders wished- and re-read the Declaration and the Constitution while you’re at it.


ME: Knock yourself out. Go ahead and preach this thing you call “freedom.” I have far more dependents than you’ll ever have followers.


FRIEND: You win….this time, BG. I see I have no power against you. I’m just one person with lofty ideas of how I think life should be. You obviously know better, with your BIG health care, changing the definition of marriage, and forgetting the checks and balances that were put into place many years ago. So go ahead, keep on the path to destruction for the masses. But leave my family alone.