There are times to stop and times to push through. I don’t know what time this is. Yes. There is no doubt that biologically, because of this crappy mono, I should stop. But what happens when the momma stops? Exactly.

Yes. Everyone will eat. My three oldest can cook anything and all five can make a sandwich and we have plenty of bread, peanut butter, and jam. Not to mention that my Husband is a total grocery pro and not afraid of convenience foods. SO no one will starve.

Yes. Things will get clean. Even the 5 year old knows how to swab a toilet and the three oldest can run the laundry and put it away. They know how to sweep and use the steam mop. They know where everything is. So, no one and nothing will get filthy.

Yes. The horses can munch on hay to their hearts’ delight and the cat and dog are fed already by the children. The garden is doing quite well without me. (We’re even still getting tomatoes!) And the front porch plants have been set out for the rain… So the outside is safe.

I can begin. I can begin slowly and with intention. My mornings are divine. My entire days are divine (well, most of them), but the mornings with my Husband I savor the most as slowly as I can.

And then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

But… But… But I can’t stop. I am still struggling with stopping just like I was over a year ago in this post. The end of the day arrives. My body aches. It’s been throbbing with a sore throat, tired muscles, lack of appetite for weeks now. And I can’t stop. This is my prayer. That I learn to stop. That I learn to stop now. Sure, the dust may get thick. But like I already shared, it is already noticeable…