Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well, I met last week’s challenge. Check out my incredible performance here.

This morning, I failed to take a photo of my project before I was into it. But it was my lesson desk. This is the desk from which I am now typing, th edesk from which I help children learn to read, solve equations, and generally impart knowledge that in theory will be helpful one day. Boy was it stacked high! And piles around it, too. If you learn at home with your children, perhaps you collect lessons and ideas at a rate nearly impossible with which to keep up. At least I do. Well, this is how far I have made it this morning…


Not terribly bad. But I want to finish it up now and tidy the library and loft as well. Maybe even vacuum. And *gasp* dare I say, “mop”? Perhaps. We’ll see… It’s nearing time to make lunch now and I still need to get dinner made as well. Rainy days are challenges in and of themselves, aren’t they?