It’s October 7. I have been made fully, completely, wholly aware of breast cancer. May we please move past this Hallmark moment now?

It’s not that I am heartless. I’ve been directly affected by breast cancer. Who hasn’t at this point?

It’s about the money. The National Cancer Institute, which is funded solely through Congress, er, funded by those of us who truly pay taxes, spent $631.2 million investigating “the causes, prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer through various research projects and clinical trials” of breast cancer alone.

What cancer received the second most attention and funding? Prostate. At a meager $300.5 million. All cancers together added up to $1.81 billion dollars in 2010 alone. This matters. Why?

Because the government has no role in medical research. The moment one form of breast cancer is “cured” and obliterated/eradicated a new form will appear requiring more research and more money. It’s a never-ending vicious cycle. And it can never be stopped. Because cancer is a part of nature. We cannot stop nature. We cannot stop the natural evolution of life. And cancer is a part of life.

We all have cancer. Cancer is no more than a group of cells not behaving as they are designed to behave. That’s it. We all have cancer. What triggers it to form a posse and make a tumor is often a life choice. No one is a victim of cancer and no one is a survivor of cancer. We all have cancer and only become victims when we wave the cancer flag. None of us are survivors because we all die of cancer.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

The incidence of prostate cancer in monks and breast cancer among nuns is greater than the general population… If you don’t use it…

So, here’s where this is going…

What is the cheapest, easiest, most convenient way to decrease the incident of breast cancer? Promote breastfeeding. How much does the federal WIC program spend promoting breastfeeding? $14.85 million in 2010.

So the gubmint spends $631.2 million on “research” done in incestual beds with big pharma, but only $14.85 million promoting the single greatest prevention of breast cancer. Breastfeeding for two years (not necessarily consecutively), reduces the risk of breast cancer by 50%. duh-huh.

And yes. The very vast majority of women CAN breastfeed. Whether or not they have knowledgeable and willing doctors and nurses to nudge them past the many barriers and challenges that most breastfeeding women face, is another thing. But if a woman really wants to nurse…she will and will do so successfully.

So, I don’t want the government spending money researching cancer nor promoting breastfeeding. But since I know they will because the majority of the population wants to be cared for in a sterile environment with a guarantee against discomfort and death…I at least wish the government would be honest and encourage the correct and proper use of the breasts as Cancer Preventers via the proper and adequate nutrition and nurturing of the children gifted to us by Nature.

And if not, at least get rid of all the pink crap. It means *nothing* when retail associates wear a pink ribbon. It means *nothing* when NFL players wear pink shoes, socks, and gloves. It means *nothing* when people “walk” for Susan G. Komen. It’s great for the companies that see the opportunity. I’m all for realizing opportunity. But all they’re doing, those selling the commercialism of cancer and those wearing the promotion of cancer, is feeding the government beast that rapes and steals from those of us who accept the reality and finality of life.


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