I. Did. It. In 46 minutes. I put the laundry room right back into order in 46 minutes. And that includes folding and putting away the laundry that was still clean!

Take a moment and look back at yesterday’s post and see the chaos.

Now looky here…



I know. I didn’t post a pic of the pantry side yesterday. It stays straight because I am generally the only one that uses it. But there you go…all spiffy again!

And now on with today’s real post… A great way to fold and store sheets. I cannot take credit for this. I don’t recall where I learned this, either. But here it is.

We have beds of all sizes at our home. And sheets of all sizes to match. And I fold them and store them all the same.

First, I fold all but one pillow case.


Second, I fold the very self-explanatory flat sheet.


Don’t the pillow cases and flat sheet look purty and tidy together?


Third, the lovely fitted sheet… Follow closely. Fold it in half, any direction, and tuck the fitted corners into the other fitted corners they meet. Then fold it in half again bringing the other fitted corner set to the other fitted corner set. You now have one fitted corner and three straight corners that look like this:


Fold the fitted corner side over to the middle, then fold it over again.



Then just fold it into thirds and stack it with the flat sheet and pillow cases.


Lastly, tuck those beautifully folded sheets into the unfolded pillow case.


Now for storage… I store bed linens in the room where the beds are located. This makes sense to me. We do not have a “linen” closet. And I know certain people who sleep in certain beds prefer certain sheets. So, that’s where they go. So for my king size sheets, they are stored in my closet.


So that is it. My neat sheets. I am certain there are prettier and neater and more orderly or centralized ways to do it, but I am pleased with ours. Even if the sheets were wrinkly from being on the bottom of the chaos in the laundry room.