I could not wait any longer. Sweet potatoes were put in the garden Memorial Day weekend. I’ve watched something eat the green leaves to the stems and the green leaves grow back and then it happen over and over again. Then, last month when daylight was noticeably getting shorter, I found this abandoned home…


Which is located at the intersection of sweet potatoes, carrots, and lettuce. I suppose that whatever lived here was also responsible for my lack of carrots and lettuce despite steady reseeding. Anyways… About the time I found this home, I also noticed the sweet potato plants were flourishing. Spreading, rooting, just going wild!

After being in the garden very little for two weeks, I finally felt strong enough to do more than harvest. I weeded between the kale and greens beds, I checked a few onions for size, I turned over dirt that was planned for Brussels sprouts that were never purchased.

I was wiped out, leaning on my hoe, and staring at those sweet potatoes. This is the first year I’ve grown them. I don’t even know when or how to harvest them. Well, I wasn’t going to let a lack of knowledge stop me!

I pulled up the main stem of the first two plants. Wow! I took the orange-y gold and tucked the root back into the dirt. I’ve no idea if that is what one does when one harvests sweet potatoes… But I did it. If in a couple of days those first two plants are dead, I’ll read. But for now I’m content. I took my achy body and full bag of veggie booty back to the kitchen, washed it off and laid it out.

Not bad for the first Sunday in October…