A man walked into a bar. And said, “ouch.”

No, not really… Although I am certain that has happened. Today’s story is true. Real. Happened right here in my own world. This week.

A man, who has been unemployed sometime, secures a job working full-time for $14 an hour. After being fully background checked and deemed responsible, he reported to work for his first day on Monday.

Being wise to save his money and not buy lunch, he went home for lunch. And never came back to work.


Well, when he went home for lunch, the mail had already run. And lo and behold, his unemployment benefits had come through. Seems he didn’t need his dignity after all…

This, my family, my friends, my readers is why I post this stuff. It seems it really isn’t “stuff” after all… This reality of entitlement has suffocated us all. Whether we’re “democrats” or “republicans” or “libertarians” or “tea partiers.”

Until we can put down the crack pipe like Mike Reid did, we’ll only continue to wake up in the gutter. No matter how many unemployment, disability, or tuition benefits come our way.

Perhaps Mr. Half-Day-On-The-Job will have time to read this story of recovery.