OK. I’ll confess. I like Orgjunkie.com ‘s Menu Plan Monday. I like it because I am forced to think ahead. I like it because it makes shopping ridiculously easy even with all the kids in tow.  (Who will hold the coupons? The shopper cards? My reusable bags? I need minions!) And most of all, I like having ONE LESS THING ABOUT WHICH TO THINK. Yes, I’ve done some rearranging. Last week, we had pizza on Thursday and roast on Saturday. Who cares? I had all the stuff because I shopped according to the plan! So… this week, I’m-a gonna-go-a-go-a-wild-a and toss in a few desserts. We don’t eat dessert every night. But it’s nice to have some… I probably shouldn’t be doing this extra this week since I have a bunch of study coaching/SAT Prep sessions, but… I’m a wild woman… *le sigh* And next week, I just might start adding recipes.


breakfast – scrambled egg, cheese, bacon burritos

lunch – pasta salad

dinner – smoky beef and corn soup

(Monday Night Football – wings, tortilla chips, dip, carrot cake)



breakfast – oatmeal with fruit

lunch – mac-n-cheese, salad

dinner – taco salads



breakfast – cinnascones

lunch – chicken salad and veggies (PICNIC!)

dinner – chicken noodle soup (slow cooker), biscuits

dessert – graham cracker cookies



breakfast – peanut butter toast, fruit smoothies

lunch – sandwiches, fruit

dinner – bean and cheese burritos (made with beans cooked on Sunday!), rice, salad



breakfast – biscuits, bacon, eggs

lunch – chef salads with homemade croutons (I’m teaching the kids how to make the croutons!)

dinner – steak, potatoes, more salad (from the garden? very possibly!)

dessert – lemon curd and lime curd, with preserves we canned



breakfast – breakfast cookies (I promise I’ll post this recipe by Wednesday!)

lunch – tailgating (GO PHEONIX!), TBD (but you know it’ll be gooood)

dinner – beans (slow cooker), cornbread



breakfast – waffles, eggs, sausage

lunch – leftovers/sandwiches

dinner – crockpot roast, okra, corn pudding, salad

dessert – coconut cake