To me, taxes are money stolen from me (my family) at gunpoint. Stolen. Theft. Taken against my will. Raped. Yes. Raped.

I’m not opposed to taxes fundamentally. Government requires some income to operate even minimally. And I do believe in minimal government. Truly minimal. Min-I-mal. No subsidies, no hand-outs, no civil military. None. Minimal.

But that’s not the way it is… Ahhh, to be young and dream again.

So, we’re raped of over half our income between property, income, sales, energy, fuel taxes… I suspect most people have no idea how much they’re taxed… And yet this money is taken from me and I still cringe when I go to a state or municipal park. I won’t sign my kids up for classes that require additional funds, even when they’re offered at public facilities.

Why not? We paid the money in, why not get it back? Because it’s not my money anymore. The moment that money is seized from me, it is OPM. I don’t want OPM.

To me, it’s like having my wallet and therefore money stolen by someone, even someone I trust. And I know this person has my money. I know this person is spending my money in ways I am gravely opposed to; contradictory to my fundamental beliefs. And, instead of trying retrieve my money through legitimate ways, I just start charging my stuff to that person’s accounts. I charge a soda. Then a book. Then a dinner… I just keep taking. And the person who stole from me KNOWS I am doing this. And now has me in his clutches. His taking from me begins to direct my taking from him. A vicious cycle.

Now, I *do* use public money beyond basic roads and grids. I use the library. Our kids take an art appreciation class at the university museum. We do visit public parks. With exception of the public parks, see this Outdoor Hour Challenge and maybe a couple of other things if I make a list, the majority of the public resources we use are heavily underwritten by private funds.

Not all, though. And I’ve been truthful and acknowledged these things make me cringe. And if that all went away tomorrow, I’d be fine with it. Even the library. Because I’d rather have a clear conscience than be a piece of the propaganda. And I know that I can learn anything we need to know, together, just by living our lives and observing the Creation around us.