Well… Apparently I didn’t save my post correctly. One of the challenges of blogging with an iPhone! I am grateful for this phone, though, so I won’t complain!

This challenge from The Handbook of Nature Study Blog is about collections. What an easy treat!

We’ve been collecting tree branches, leaves, and fruit since our hikes in the mountains. We collect them and add them to our front table that serves double duty for magazines and a nature table. The gourds are from our garden.


When we collect, we intentionally look for what fits the general theme of our collection. Lately it’s been trees, of course, and signs of Autumn. We call our finds “treasures.” And the children absolutely love searching for treasures! We often take a ziploc bag or a reusable shopping bag with us. I have grand intentions of sewing them each a haversack-style treasure hunt bag. Maybe one day…

For this specific Outdoor Hour Challenge, we were at Beaufort and Atlantic Beach. And we dug. And we dug. And we dug.




We spend more time in the swash zone than we do the ocean! We found rainbows of coquina clams, tiny to big mole crabs, beautiful sea glass, and nearly perfect scotch bonnets, oysters, and periwinkles.

We also had the most wonderful treat of visiting with friends that live on the North River. They graciously took us out into the river’s salt marsh where we gingerly walked around oyster beds and mussels. We chased fiddler crabs and watched periwinkles and snails and hermit crabs. We even were treated to show by the jumping mullet! Reade found a huge conch shell that is bowstring outside.

We have quite the treasure chest from this trip to the coast. Since I came home sick, we’ve not sorted and identified it all yet. And it hasn’t made it to the nature table yet. But it will. There’s a season for everything.