April 28, 1997
After a week of staring across the halls, in elevators, around the rotunda and through benches of the gallery of the NC Legislative Building, he caught me during a Monday night session and asked me to dinner. Right then. Greenshields is gone now.

June 21, 1997
We were throwing a party at his house. My Grandma, mom, two sisters, his Mam-Maw, Grandmother, parents, and a sister with several friends attended. He asked me, on one knee, with blond-sea bleached hair, to marry him.

September 20, 1997
At sunset, we married on the jetty at the south end of Wrightsville beach where we’d spent most of our summer together. He wore shorts and a button up shirt. I wore a white cotton eyelet sun dress I sewed mostly by hand.

August 1999
Reade was born at home in a kiddie pool. He trusted me to know this was right for us.

March 2001
Kelly Mae was born at home in that same kiddie pool. He carried an awakened Reade into meet her.

March 2003
Rebekah Anne was born at home in the same kiddie pool. He took care of us all as we went from man-to-man to zone defense.

November 2004
Sawyer was born in the jacuzzi of our unfinished home. He kept us warm and safe as he continued building around us.

September 2006
Laura Lea was born in the jacuzzi of our now finished home. He worked tirelessly to keep care of me, the baby, and the others since I was still in a cast from a broken leg three weeks earlier.

September 20, 2011
He held me this morning and handed me a precious anniversary card. Tonight we will enjoy our regular date of shrimp, oysters, and drinks.

He works so hard for us. He doesn’t complain. He does not make the burden of providing for us our burden. He still looks at me, so very changed after five children, and still wants to be with me and makes time to be with me. Just me. I love my Husband.