Here's, what? Week Four of posting to Organization Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday…

At last I am able to swallow which is helpful for eating and drinking. Staying upright at length is still a challenge, but I like challenges.

The benefits of meal planning a couple of weeks ahead sure were helpful last week as we returned from a long weekend away and my being sick at the same time.

No, my Husband and children didn’t follow the meal plan to a tee. That’s not the point. The point is, there was food in the house, and a plan with which to follow it if desired. Now, I realized one very lacking component. Recipes. Not that anything I make is complicated, but I believe I will now add recipes in the menu section of my binder behind the current week’s menu plan. That would have been even better.

So, as I lay out this week’s menu, I am so very grateful to my Husband for his care and comfort when I was feverish, funky, and generally less than pleasant at times. I am also grateful to our children who did not destroy the house, who were quiet allowing me to rest, and for knowing how to cook. I’m not sure who taught them, but they know how.

breakfast – oatmeal, fruit, juice
lunch – chef salads
dinner – meatloaf, potatoes, cabbage, MNF treats

breakfast – peanut butter toast, smoothies
lunch – sandwiches, celery, carrots, apples
dinner – TBD, you’ll know why tomorrow

breakfast – granola, milk, juice
lunch – pasta w herbs, salad
dinner – whole chicken, herbed rice, sauteed okra, salad

breakfast – cinnamon rolls (handmade), juice
lunch – open faced tuna melts, tomatoes
dinner – crock pot pintos, cornbread, creamed spinach

breakfast – cold cereal, juice
lunch – picnic on the porch, sandwiches, salads
dinner – pizza, salad

breakfast – breakfast bake, juice
lunch – leftovers/sandwiches
dinner – steak, potatoes, salad, bread

breakfast – biscuits, eggs, sausage, bacon, juice
lunch – chef salads
dinner – baby back ribs, beans, rice, slaw