Atlas shrugs because the few cannot carry the many.

It is not because the many do not believe they should do for themselves. They just don’t believe they should “have” to do for themselves.

I read my Facebook friends’ statuses…

Lots of statements about how they (many of them claiming to be conservatives or libertarians) are angry about folks who feel and act entitled to this or to that. Then they send their kids off to public school.

I listen to people (many of them claiming to be conservative or libertarian) talk about how the government shouldn’t be so involved in our lives. Then they attend rallies to legalize homebirth midwifery or “make legal” gay civil unions or rallies supporting universal healthcare or more money for smart start, head start, teachers… The list never ends. And each cause gives the government another foothold in our lives. If it requires legislation, it takes another piece of freedom away. There aren’t a lot of pieces left.

I want to scream. I want to scream from my throat and tonsils covered in pus pockets making it terribly sore and I want to shake my hands attached to my fever-riddled body.

YOU CANNOT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT, TOO. You cannot. Nor can I. Pick a side and stick to it. Otherwise your arguments mean nothing. At least to those of us who are carrying you. We are shrugging.

I don’t mind when folks are not convicted enough to act at all. In fact, I prefer that. No action means no harm.

Because picking and choosing is why Atlas shrugs. Kind of like the toddler sitting on Daddy’s shoulders, wiggling an kicking, constantly throwing him off balance and making the sweet moment a dangerous one. So, for all that is right and good… Please. Pick. A. Side. And keep with it.

A very wise man said (this is a slight paraphrase because I am truly riddled with high fever and pus pockets), “two words I do not allow to be spoken in my presence are ‘free’ and ‘fair.’ If something is free, it isn’t fair. Someone has to pay something so someone can have it free, therefore it’s not fair. If something is fair, it isn’t free. Someone has to give up something so that the other can feel a fairness has been created.”