Continuing a third week of Organization Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … When away from home for even one night, I prefer to take foods from our home, that we already have, in lieu of eating every meal out or even every meal a boxed, processed one. Sure, we enjoy things when away we don’t at home (like canned cinnamon rolls) but not every day. Ugh!

When blessed with the recent opportunity to attend a wedding in Beaufort and to steal a few extra days there as a little family, of course I planned our meals! I knew we’d be playing hard each day and running on empty. I also know I didn’t want to spend my days in the kitchen while the rest of the family was throwing the football or fishing. So the week’s meals are brief and to the point an use some processed goods, but balanced.

Just as important…OK, more important are the meals in our first few days home. We’d arrive home late and hungry and we needed a quickie meal that was warm and welcoming and a reminder of the simple comfort that our very own space is. Thinking this through, I shopped for two weeks’ groceries so that I also wasn’t pressured into a full grocery run. With the fruits we canned earlier this season, I could even get by without going to the market until my regular shopping day on Friday.

I’ll share how well it all worked next week when I have had time to reflect…

This week’s go and come and come and go menu is…

breakfast – canned cinnamon rolls, juice
lunch – sandwiches, fruit
dinner – fresh catch, salad, bread

breakfast – cold cereal, juice
lunch – picnic with leftovers
dinner – fried bologna and egg sandwiches, fruit

breakfast – peanut butter toast, fruit smoothie
lunch – tuna salad, tomatoes

breakfast – breakfast brown rice with fruit, milk
lunch – mac & cheese, tomatoes, cukes
dinner – chicken thighs, green beans, mashed potatoes, salad

breakfast – cold cereal, juice
lunch – ants’ picnic (ants on a log, fruit salad)
dinner – steak, potatoes, salad

breakfast – breakfast cookies, juice
lunch – leftovers or sandwiches
dinner – subs or grilled chicken sandwiches with chips and veggies

breakfast – pancakes, eggs, bacon, juice
lunch – pasta salad
dinner – grilled burgers and dogs, corn, salad