1. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist
  2. I DO NOT believe the government cares about me nor is concerned about my interests.
  3. I DO believe the government wags the dog,
  5. At its convenience to distract the citizenry.
  6. I DO NOT care who shot what president.
  7. I DO NOT care who is responsible for 9/11.
  8. I DO believe and care that all attacks to kill anyone or any success or any idea are ATTACKs and intended to KILL.
  9. I DO NOT believe that any structure, service, or memorial can reverse time.
  10. I DO NOT believe any words from any president nor the death or actions of any accused will heal the hurt of those attacked.
  11. I DO believe I can remember in silence and move forward to save what little freedom I have left.

Because I am not a conspiracy theorist.