Well… the first week of literally following Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday went well. It was very, uh, hmmm, robotic. I am not a fan of robots. But I’m willing to try it again because it certainly did remove one decision from each day. Well, technically three decisions since I planned for all three meals. And, for the most part, everyone liked every meal. And that’s all I want.

Because in our home, if you don’t like what’s being served, you sit at the table with joy, peace, and respect. After the table is cleared, you are welcome to make yourself a peanut butter (ONLY) sandwich. It’s rare we ever have that happen…

And I am even omre impressed that the entire week only two meals changed. And they only changed because our family’s plans changed. For me, that is a reasonable excuse.

Here’s what will be served up on our lovely mis-matched Fiestaware this hopefully rainy week.

MONDAYmy Husband will be home and so I want it to be an easy day with light meals

breakfast – peanut butter toast, fruit smoothies

lunch – tuna salad sandwiches, tomatoes

dinner – taco salads


breakfast – cold cereal, juice

lunch – sandwiches, fruit

dinner – spaghetti with red sauce, salad, bread (date night for my Husband and me)


breakfast – cream of wheat with fruit, boiled eggs, juice

lunch – mac & cheese

dinner – black beans with sausage, rice, salad

THURSDAY, a birthday and first art appreciation class which is out of town

breakfast – BIRTHDAY DOUGHNUTS! juice

lunch – salads

dinner – grilled chicken sandwiches, home fries


breakfast – cold cereal, juice

lunch – sandwiches, fruit

dinner – fresh catch, salad


breakfast – eggs, biscuits, sausage, juice

lunch – sandwiches, fruit

dinner – heavy snacks (fruit, granola, peanut butter crackers) then wedding dinner


breakfast – bacon and egg sandwiches, juice

lunch – salads

dinner – fresh catch, salad, bread -or- OUT