Yuck. I am so sick of the back-to-school blog posts. From everyone. From veteran educators (home, private, or public) and from newbie educators. There are even back-to-school posts from unschoolers. Isn’t that, uh, oh well. I’ll let it go. I am just sick of them all.

Why am I sick of them all? Because we literally begin the “fighting off” season.

Fresh batches of sixth graders have been freshly “innoculated” with the DPT vaccine since it’s mandated by our gubmint. These poor kids, many of whom didn’t even get the vaccine until days before school began are walking around these dirty, crowded halls while their sweet little bodies are weak and vulnerable. And the annual pertussis (whooping cough) epidemic will arrive in about 4-6 weeks. And there will be no official acknowledgement of it from “public health” officials. Some will blame those of us without the disease running through our bodies. Some will blame “the Mexicans.” And some will blame that poor family whose son is “just lucky to be at school.” Why blame anyone? If the kids getting whooping cough are the ones who are freshly vaccinated (and their siblings and grandparents) then why worry? They are safe and won’t get the illness. Right? (ha!) No one. NO ONE will even consider the mass onslaught of the source.

There is also the common cold, and later flu, to fight off. Because folks won’t keep their sick kids at home when they are sick. They dope them up on Tylenol and Benadryl and cold meds to mask the fever, cough, and snot and send them on so that they don’t “miss work.” The kids or the parents. This year, rather than hang my head in disappointment for this purely cruel and inconsiderate action, I have a solution. Conservatives ARE problem solvers. Just because the solution isn’t popular doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution. My solution is this: leave the kid at home alone.

BUT WHAT!!?? I have to leave the kid at home alone? Are you crazy? He’s only 5! Uh. Yes. Leave the kid at home. What’s the difference in him sitting at home resting his precious and weak body to full strength as compared to sending him to school with an entire set of complete strangers (aka teachers) who do not have HIS health as their interest. They’re too busy chasing around the other 20+ kids with their own set of issues. If the sick kid hangs his head in a pool of snot all day, he’s out of the way and not causing trouble. Let the sweet kid stay at home and stare at the TV. Choose a good channel and block all the others. Because I am sure the family has cable. That’s even technically within the definition of “poverty” now.

These same innocent kids will be dragged into the libraries, into the groceries, and into the post offices. I truly, deeply, genuinely hurt for these kids. I do not understand why a parent would want to further expose a child to every other possible weakness while the child’s body is already fighting as hard as it can. This, to me, is cruel. And all in the name of a second income or perfect attendance awards.

These are the very same moms who the week before school began were cussing their kids in the grocery with “I can’t wait ’til you’re back in school and I can get a break.” Or exclaiming all over facebook, “Thank God school starts next week, I am done!” And these are the “upstanding” women in my community. They are DONE with their kids and are successfully pawning them off on COMPLETE STRANGERS at my family’s expense but would never consider letting the kid just stay home when he’s sick because that would be “neglect.” I do not understand. It is beyond my scope of comprehension. Truly. And this hate crime is repeated at every long-weekend, Christmas break, er, Winter break, Spring Break, and again after the first week of the summer break when the family returns home from vacation. This is a hate crime.

I would NEVER question a parent’s love for a child. NEVER. But it is very obvious many that I see do not like their children. Yet they had another. And another. I’m talking about those that are NOT on Medicaid/Food Stamps, WIC, etc. I am talking about those that live in the big brick facade homes in the scupltured neighborhoods with two luxury vehicles, one a $30k+ SUV or cross-over. Their husbands are in middle to upper-middle management. Some of them are business owners. The women either stay at home or are in a form of clerical work like
book keeping or paralegal. And some of the women are business owners. Do they really care more about the perfect mums on the front porch than they do their child? I can’t comprehend. It is beyond my scope.

Yes. I get worn out. Yes. Some days are MUCH harder than others. Yes. I’ve yelled at my kids (Rumplestiltskin, anyone?) more times than I care to be reminded. I am far from perfect. And I’ve never claimed to be. And I won’t claim to be. I don’t claim to have it all, nor know it all, nor even want to have it all or know it all. I live this life of wife-ing and momma-ing day-to-day. That is all I can do. It is all I am asked by God to do.

From the same author I quoted here, I share this:

God has honored mothers with the blessed privilege of being the daily trainer of their young children. He did not place this responsibility in Grandma’s hands or with good friends, teachers, or babysitters. All of us mothers will stand before God one day and give an account of how we trained our children. To love our children is to devote ourselves fully to their training…Training up a child means showing them how to: make corn tortillas, pedal a tricycle, make up a bed, put toys away, cook for forty people in one hour, read, demonstrate respect for others, and a thousand other wonderful things. For a mother who loves her children, training is not a chore, it is a full-time all-consuming passion. They are worth every minute of time and trouble to every “dedicated” mother.

Just because you happen to be the birth mother of a child does not make you THE mama of that child. If you hurriedly get up in the morning and rush your little one off for someone else to dry his tears, feed him lunch, and read him a book, please do not call yourself his mama. That child is being ‘adopted’ out every day, with the added insult of being yanked around from one adopted mama to another.”

So, to me, back-to-school is a horrid and unhappy thing. There is nothing fun and exciting about intentionally compromising a child’s health, much less his life.