I had to do this. I can’t say why. I’d not so genuinely attempted to go twice before. This time I was going to go. And we did.

We share a house in the mountains with family and have a week every, I don’t know, 6-9 weeks or so. But we quit going when we had too many toddlers at once. About 9 years ago.

The steps are narrow, shallow, sharp-edged and steep. The furniture all wooden and contusion-ready. The kitchen and shower downstairs… Just too much for me then. Even now with my experience as a mom for twelve years, it would still be too much for me with one toddler, let alone two. Or more.

We did try a few times. But my inability to look past my own frustrations made me and everyone with me (including my Husband) miserable. That part I think would be different now. I hope it would be.

So, with no toddlers, I wanted to go. Because my Husband and I had been up here for a weekend alone in the Spring, we knew much of it was the same as it had been. Only a new stove to get used to.

We packed only a change of clothes plus PJs, long pants, and a jacket. There’s a washer and dryer. We packed our lessons. We were going to keep our rhythm. We packed groceries for a week of planned meals, cooked at home. We were not going to spend more money than we would If we were at home. We packed yarn, fly-tying stuff, fishing rods, leisure reading books, library DVDs, and sleeping bags.

This trip was a temporary re-location, not a vacation – much to the children’s dismay. And I stuck to it, too. We kept our rhythm.

Quiet Time -AND/OR-
Outside play

Yep. Same as home. Minus the movie. We’ve cut much of the boob-tube. And it’s good!

I didn’t know how to “open” or “close” the house so my Husband drove separately so he could teach me, staying the night and driving the 2+ hours home the next morning.

And… He came back that day. It was even a surprise to me! We met at the General Store (for candy, of course), without kids knowing we’d see him. It was FANTASTIC! And very early, oh so very very very very early the next morning he went back to town. And we kept our rhythm.

I had to make this trip. I didn’t want to be alone. But I knew I needed to get away. Not run away, just get away. Not be away from anyone or anything, just away. I still cleaned, cooked, learned with the children in tow the whole time. And it was great.

And really, I think this fed my Husband. I can be flighty. I am afraid of the dark. I hear noises at home. I believe the entire structure of western civilization is at the brink of collapse. But I did this alone. At least most of the trip. Most of the trip I managed to keep all of us together, in a new environment. And what man doesn’t want a competent wife? Mine certainly does. And I certainly am. Now I have a few day’s proof!