We ate Thanksgiving dinner last week, without a turkey!

To make a short story shorter, a friend shared some fresh blue crabs and two other friends came over. I cooked up a bunch of food. Steamed crabs, roasted pork loin, roasted okra and squash (garden!), sliced tomatoes and sliced cucumbers (garden!), and some BBQ bread with butter and seasonings. I even used a quart of blueberries I’d put up after picking a couple of weeks ago and made an old-fashioned blueberry cobbler. Oh.My.Goodness. This was some kind of goodness!

What a cRaZy fun meal!

And the FUN! The fun was the best part. Squirting crab juices, talk about the “eating the dead man,” hands everywhere… It was cRaZy! Thank you, Ronnie and Elizabeth, for that magic text about blue crabs. Thank you Roy for being a rock star human jungle gym and thank you, Jeff, for teaching the kids how to eat crabs. Thank you, dear Husband, for playing kiddie cop while I cooked. That’s not enough thanks, but that’s a start. We could not have had a grander time on a dull weekday evening.
We are VERY thankful!