Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Last Tuesday I wanted to tackle pulling out my corn so that part of the garden could be prepped for greens. And I did it! Despite my sore hip and cut foot, I pulled out that corn while Laura Lea enjoyed the sweet underdeveloped cobs whole.



Today I am tackling this fun and functional piece from Mason-Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines (c 2008, Kay Gardiner an Ann M. Shayne). This fantastically neat book was a “bargain book” for $7.00 at a local grocer. I bought it from their clearance cart for $1.50!!! And it has at least 31 patterns in it! All reasonable.

This is made from cotton. Cheap, durable, washable cotton. Yay!




(yes. I am certain my photos are lousy… I take them with an iPhone while sitting on a dock or with dirty hands from gardening. Most of the time…)