Dusting satisfies an instant gratification need for me. I rarely allow the children to do it because I *like* dusting. I enjoy watching the “dirt” disappear with no more than a light swat with a barely damp piece of flannel. I really like to dust.

No, dusting doesn’t happen every day. And it shouldn’t. A good build up is far more satisfying to swipe away. And, since dust is 75% dead skin cells (I learned that on the Quiz Bowl team in high school, so I am trusting people don’t shed less twenty years later…back to my sentence) it’s good for it to sit around so we aren’t in completely sanitary environments. Completely clean spaces make for very ill people. We are a very healthy family.

The most important place to dust? Well, obviously wherever company may see is important. But not most important.

Most important is the ledge of the bathroom window above the toilet AND the back side of the bathroom door. Yes. Dusting in master bathroom is most important to me.

My Husband isn’t home much, but when he is, he shouldn’t have to stare at dust. There, in the bathroom, is where he can take a moment to breathe because there’s just not a lot of multitasking to do there in that tiny room.

So, interestingly enough, I can feed my Husband by keeping a clean bathroom. Clean of even dust.