I am not going to attribute the following quote to its author. I feel confident in doing so, some would not read it, much less consider it. I love it. I want, long, desire to be precious.

I know that the angels in heaven stand amazed at how much a man can love a woman, how he can break down weeping at the thought of how precious she is to him.

Precious as defined by Webster’s:

1.of great value or high price

2. highly esteemed or cherished

3. excessively refined

4. great, thoroughgoing

I want to be precious. How can I expect to be highly esteemed or cherished when I don’t have respect, honor, and love to share? I can’t. How can I expect to be covered, shielded, protected when I don’t obey, submit, and revere for the awe with which I am blessed?

The same author says,

It is amazing how vulnerable a man is when a woman treats him with respect.

Can I get an “Amen?”


If I give him what he wants most: respect, honor, love, then I give him the ability to “relax in the security of [my] honor and respect.” That’s big stuff. And it’s not easy stuff. It is the most important stuff. Something for me to think on…