Two conversations, really. Well, one conversation and one snap.

I’m going to be a bit elusive to protect the person with whom I spoke. While I don’t think he’s in danger of being murdered as I suspect those on that overloaded helicopter were, I do know the government kills those that don’t tow its line…

So I needed clarification of a new public policy statement made by a state agency that directly affects the daily functioning of my home. I called a long distance phone number listed on the website. Option 2. Then option 4. Then. A. Human. In fewer than a few minutes!

So I asked my questions of this 20+ year employee of this state agency. And. He. Answered. Them. No wishy washy, no passing me onto another Buck. Straight answers! Then I made a family connection by acknowledging his geographical location, approximate age based on years of service and then that family history of which Grandma was always so proud. And *ding*ding*ding* I was in like Flynn…

Me: So, Sir, after 20 + years, why are you not the new director? Why was So-and-So-Who-Has-No-Business-in-the-role-based-on-her-past selected instead?

Sir: Politics. [Previous Director] didn’t care for me.

Me: Why not? I understood him to be stolid, quiet, but fair.

Sir: He was, but I called it like it was.


We have a winner! Government employees have security as employees. But not advancement without towing the gubmint line.

Further conversation assured me I had all the information I needed. And I documented it well. Very well. This is still the gubmint, afterall.

Just a little reminder to myself and others that not all government employees are tools. Well, yes, they are tools because they help the government accomplish/advance its goal of strangling what little independence still remains. But not all are stupid and intentionally destructive.

Speaking of intentionally destructive…
I was volunteering in a space owned by the county. I needed a closet unlocked. I walked past three offices, each with two people in them; each pair chatting.

One pair was clearly a state employee conversing with a concerned citizen. One was a state employee conversing with a regular volunteer about idle life. One was two state employees chatting. No one working in those last two offices.

After my third time walking by and no offer or request of interest…

Me: Excuse me, can you help me?

Three of them in near unison: Sure/Yes.

Me: I need someone willing to work. I need a closet unlocked.

The only gentleman snortled in dissatisfaction at my words.

And so it was done…the door unlocked. But I never should have had to interrupt casual conversations. They work for me. I sign their checks. Their offices are on land with my name on the deed. I am serving alongside them. For FREE. Give a girl some help without making her beg like a puppy dog.

And this is my immediate contact with government this past week. I think it went pretty well. No bail money needed!

PS – a very good editor/writer friend pointed out the typo in the original post title. THANK YOU! If you were offended, well, that’s a bummer…because it actually made it funny!