Can you believe I am posting two rows in a day? Or two days in a row? I’m not sure which it is…

But I am sure something tortures my corn each year. We have thus far, from our six rows, only enjoyed one dinner of succotash and one dinner of corn on the cob and one dinner of Hillbilly Stir-Fry with our corn…

Now, I have to confess that I do not know if Hillbilly Stir-Fry is an original recipe. It certainly seems to be, but I do not know. Since I do not know, I am cornering it!

Here’s how my idea started:

Harris Teeter had BOGO London broil cut of beef. I bought two with the intention of stir fry from our garden. Then I realized (duh-huh) that our garden does not have snow peas in it. Nor broccoli (yet!). Nor any significantly large green peppers. Nor fully grown carrots. So I needed to use what I did already have because I am too sorry to back to the grocery when I have a garden full of goodness! And thus was the birth of Hillbilly Stir-Fry.

So, I harvested the garden before dinner for the small, OK, tiny ears of corn that were from the remaining stalks knocked down by who knows what kind of squirrel or ground hog. Or raccoon. I just know I couldn’t let them go to waste. And every good and respectable Southern (notice the Uppercase ‘S’) garden has squash and zucchini. And I am growing onions and had a few of decent size.




So I made brown rice in the oven (3 1/2 c water, 1 1/2c brown rice, 1c vegetable stock, 1/4c butter in pats mixed in a 9×13 casserole, tightly covered with foil and baked at 400F for an hour) and chopped my veggies then went and sat on the dock while the kids swam (just four of them because Reade decided he was smarter than his father and mother and now has 7 stitches in his foot to prove it).


And then 45 minutes later, just made stir fry. I even toasted some organic sesame seeds (I’ve been stocking up for $1/bottle!) in with the onions. How easy is that!?!


And because we’re Southern, I served fresh sliced Cherokee Purples and cucumbers along side our not-so-Asian dinner. Yes, the tomatoes and cukes were from our garden.

The white Texas Sheet Cake I’d made the day before and the homemade chocolate ice cream were a bonus. The sheet cake was textbook. But the ice cream was an experiment. I’m trying to blend Mam-Maw’s fruit ice cream recipe and my cream ice cream recipe. And it was goooood. I’ll share it later, though, because this little screen is now too little.

Happy Hillbilly Dining!