Yes. Yes you can choose your family. And they can decide whether or not to choose you. Blood has very little to do with commonalities. And that is all I have to say today.

To know a little about where my head has been the past couple of weeks, here are my few Facebook postings:

July 29, 105p

“The City of Graham’s irrigation system is running. It’s 1pm and 101F. I wonder how much water will actually make it to the soil? I’m making a phone call now.”

July 29, 325p

“It is so lovely outside… I don’t want to go in and work… :(”

July 29, 822p

“About to enjoy dinner outside on the deck. I ♥ Summer!”

(apparently July 29 was a day my phone was attached to my hip)

July 31, 929p

“A frighteningly productive day and I haven’t crashed yet. But the crash will be hard.”

August 1, 927p


August 1, 930p

“For my friends enjoying their tomatoes as much as I am enjoying ours…​3186

August 1, 939p

“North Carolina People!!!!
Posting for a friend: FREE HORSES!!! 52 thoroughbred horses need homes. Will go to Sugarcreek this Sat. for slaughter.Man died his son wants nothing to do with them. Most broodmares are broke and some are in foal weanling, yearlings, 2 yrs and 3 yrs old most are gelded.FREE and papered. Friend of the deceased is trying to find homes. 404-463-4288 Barnesville.”

(I later learned that the above was a TRUE situation that has since been resolved…As in last Spring!)

August 1, 956p

“The most beautiful “thing” ever. So far. 😉 Until I find that perfect shade of alpaca yarn. Or an alpaca that grows a muted lavender, pre-carded roving ready for spinning…​ns+Interchangeable+Harmony+Woo​d+Circular+Knitting+Needle+Set​_ND90306.html

August 1 @ 1045p

“No running water and no a/c does not constitute abuse nor unsanitary conditions. It may simply mean living within one’s means. Afterall, the population boomed before running water and a/c. What a slanted story…

August 1, 1047p

“Look closely at the list of “needs.” Few, actually only a couple, are really needs. Don’t breed ’em if I have to pay to teach ’em.

August 1, 1048p

“The title alone is hysterical. What a perspective!

August 1, 1113p

“It is NOT the role of GOVERNMENT to look after the elderly, poor, and infirm. It is the role of COMMUNITIES, physical families, neighborhoods, churches, to look after the elderly, poor, and infirm within their own. This is where government and its supporters miss the mark the greatest.”

(Yes, all those above web links were looked at over my tiny phone screen. And yes, the quote it MINE, spurred by listening to foolish talking heads.)

August 2, 911a

“From the South of the Fork kitchen this morning: blueberry jam and oven dried sweet corn. All to be put up.”

August 4, 635p

“Stepped in the truck, rolled down all 4 windows, blared Van Morrison. And enjoyed the 96F at 630p. This will be gone all too soon…”

August 7, 423p

“Learning WITH our children is the greatest GIFT of Parenting.”

And this week?

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I know you are anxious. So be patient!