Nobody wants their world ripped out from under them. I certainly don’t. Life can do that. Disasters, accidents, attacks. Those are events that tear a life apart in an instant.

Then there’s government life. I have no idea what percentage of the population relies solely on the government for life – be it through entitlements or employment. I have no idea. But I do know it is a whole lotta folks. There are Bureaus for this and Councils for that and Divisions for who and Departments for what. All at local, county, state, and federal levels and then the liaison levels so those levels can communicate. All at the expense of others.

Then there’s the entitlements. Not just Medicaid, Medicare, obamacare, food stamps, WIC, AFDC, etc, but education. How would the majority of our population function if the government did not provide daycare? Truly.

But this isn’t a rant about education. Or taxes. Unusual, huh?

I am writing about government dependence. Dependence on the government for *anything* only creates further dependence. There is absolutely NO incentive to search for a job that pays “more” because government employment security is so, well, secure. Oh, and the benefits. Afterall, it’s tax money anyway, right?

There is no incentive to look for other medical care that is more thorough because the government’s healthcare is “free.” And since fear of malpractice and fear of inequality reigns greatest in public sector health, well, the care will be extreme and great. Afterall, it’s tax money, right?

There is no incentive to look beyond the public schools for education. They’re in the community, they transport, they feed ’em, they’ll even keep ’em until the 9-5 shift is over. Who cares if the ideals don’t match a child’s family’s ideals? Or if a teacher neglects the needs of most of the children in favor of the one handicapped or accelerated student *by mandate*? It’s just one teacher. It’s just one year of twelve. It’s free! Afterall, it’s tax money, right?

And the cycle continues with public colleges, public job training, and even public marriage counseling and then we start the cycle again with public healthcare.

The government wants us dependent on it. It needs us dependent on it. It is the way it controls the mass of us. If we depend on the government for life, sustenance, growth, and yes, death, then we are forever beholden to the government and are therefore a beautiful compliant mass.

Not me. Not my family. I can’t control a lot of what the government does. But I can control what I intentionally take. No government cheese for me. Just leaves more for the rats. As they’re growing in number daily.