Random is OK. And random is learning.

Here is the third “day” of our “learning” year that began on July 4 as always.

Day one was Friendship. And swimming skills. At Hico.

Day two was cake decorating and horsemanship. With 4-H and at home, respectively. Sounds backwards, doesn’t it?

Day three was random.

Day three began with a haze, a cold cereal breakfast, and picking up sticks. Reade escaped stick duty because he was working. Lucky dog, the others thought. There are always sticks to pick up. Two loads today to the fire pile.



Then pulling some kind of shallow-root tall stalk plant that I just know we need, but the horses won’t eat so I don’t want it using nutrients from the soil. Make sense? I knew it would. Do you see how tall these stalks are!?! There were several taller than me. But we filled the cart all the way down the hill. And we will again tomorrow. Someone please tell me what this plant is. It’s tormenting me to destroy it. I just know it has a use.



Then herb harvesting and drying. And then pokeweed.





All came to a halt with pokeweed. “I know that smell. I used to dye yarn with poke berries. I’m not eating that.” So says He. Wait ’til I make poke salat for dinner.

As the pokeweed worked through its first, second, and third boils, we moved to rooms.

The two youngers to the “playroom” turned “adventurous bedroom.”


Then a bed from downstairs to upstairs so eldest can at last can go “commando” in his own space. When questioned about what does “commando” mean, he answers, “You know. Just hang out in my boxers.” ha!


Of course, the older two girls must switch rooms since a bed must be moved anyways. And so it was. After cleaning her room so meticulously, Rebekah Anne was lonely. Just like her mother would be.


And Kelly Mae to the rescue! With LCR! And then I taught her how to play solitaire. With a new deck of cards. I collect curious card decks. This was a set from Mr. thrift for $0.49.



But even after sparklers, she was still lonely in that 12×12 room. So Kelly Mae ignored the chaos that was still her room and made a pallet beside her. Good girls.

The two youngest upstairs is only symbolic. We have a family bed. Anyone is welcome *almost* anytime. Certainly when they need us. And they need us every night. How all these people get in this bed, I do not know.

After such a random day we still face the same realities. The country is collapsing from the weight of those who feel entitled. Our family is growing with compassion for one another and a yearning to do what He has asked of us. And a little girl who is very aware she’ll turn 5 soon and that means no more num num. Maybe. She may be the first to get an extension. To Christmas? To the first of the year? To six years old? I don’t know. Because I am too random. We live life first. Learning happens along the way. As it should. What will day 4 hold?