Rarely do I open my laptop anymore since being gifted an iphone by my Husband. It’s sad. Terribly sad. In fact, as I type this, I cannot tell you how many days it has been since I have even opened this giant. And the mail. Oh, the mail. The endless mail through which I’ve already sifted from the phone. I am so spoiled.

And the RSS feeds from all my favorite blogs. Oh… how I wish I took time with you more often. I’d be much more gifted, wiser, craftier, braver. I wouldn’t see my children much, but wow! The things I could share!

The things I will share…

Here are some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite blogs. I’ve neglected my children. And my kitchen. JUST.FOR.YOU. Aren’t you blessed? And grateful?

The Coop Cam (LOVE LOVE LOVE this!)

Dispelling Myths about Homemaking (I had to facebook this and I sincerely hope that this wakes a few of you folks UP.)

Communicating with our Husbands

You can’t live well without Community (while my take is *slightly* different, this is the closest I’ve ever come to reading someone else articulate the community’s responsibility like Sheila has. Thank you!)

I Can’t Stant these {explitive} Kids! (gag a maggot on a gut truck. And yet it’s every workday, holiday, and break… so terribly sad)

There’s got to be a Pony in here Somewhere (YES! She is telling you something!)

Be Still My Soul (my heart still aches. And I don’t even know her…)