Happy Independence Day!

(note: This is obviously “July Fourth,” so how about we call today’s holiday by its correct meaning.)

Happy Independence Day! Read a minimally-spun history of Independence Day here.

What does Independence Day mean to me? It means another year to celebrate my independence from the herd. The herd being the bulk of folks who follow along as the government’s servants (read: slaves). The herd being the status quo of femi-nazism. The herd being the perverse definition of indoctrinated parenting. The herd being the shallow use of friendship.

Our country, MY country, was not founded on the basis of repeating the same statist actions that had already corrupted Most of the known world in the late 16th century and before. This country, MY country, was founded on the very opposite of that principle. The principle that I have innate liberty granted me by my Creator to act as I wish with the understanding that my actions have natural consequences.

How does our family celebrate Independence Day? Well… We’ve been camping, gone to the beach, hung out at the lake. We’ve grilled, eaten out, cooked in. None of that is celebration, though.

We celebrate by ceremonially beginning a new year of lessons. Since we enjoy lessons throughout the year, Independence Day serves as a mile marker for me, for the children, for our family, that the very reason we can learn at home, without fear of imprisonment, is because the men and women that came before us knew we all had individual liberty.

Individual liberty is the ability and inalienable right to make our own decisions for ourselves. And my forefathers and foremothers fought and won the most honorable fight of humankind – the fight for individual liberty. They fought the fought given to me by my Creator and sustained through Christ who made my happiness, present and eternal, MY decision.

We honor and celebrate this fight by exercising the right. The right to be the parents to our children (in lieu of the government’s parenting). The right to learn with our children (in lieu of the government’s indoctrination). The right to exercise the true and wholesome and holy government of the family (in lieu of any corrupt government of man or church).

And here we are. A new year. Let’s begin by lighting the charcoal.