It was a stormy night… American Honey was involved. And talking on the deck as the rain began to plop. Then I realized part of the concern.

We’re not using our white board. Our beloved, keep-us-in-the-road whiteboard. It had fallen out of use sometime in January. I think.

It’s really irrelevant. The point is, we weren’t using it. So much of what we put on it is now ingrained in our brains – table, bar, and truck rotations. We don’t need the full monty on those now. But we do still need its guidance. Reminders of lessons from scripture, who’s on KP duty, events of the week. Those things we need.

But I didn’t want the big board back out unless it could go on the wall. Since I’m not willing to add to my Husband’s Honey-Do list, the moment he suggested using an easel and the small board, I was all over it!

But it was not the prettiest thing to set out. So, I felt an art project coming on!

A little bias tape and buttons secured with hot glue and a changeable, seasonal scrap of fabric and voila! A sweet little white-and-cork board. The sweet little board was going to rest on the magazine table. But now I think it belongs where the aquarium once was. It’ll be more likely that I manage it if it’s in the kitchen.

For those readers who started using a white board after reading my original post here, are you still using yours?