This is really bothering me so I need to say it. Er, write it. And I don’t mean to blog twice in one day as I generally blog days in advance, but this is really eating at me!


In my earlier post about making it through alive, I said, “With a sense of worth a human can do great things.” And I meant it. The human cannot, should not, will not be able to, however, rely on someone else for that sense of worth. We are all loved. ALL OF US. Some of us are loved by family, some by friends, and some by complete strangers unrelated to us in any way. But we are ALL loved by God.


If a human relies on other humans for the necessary sense of worth with which to bloom, then that human is likely to be gravely disappointed. Not everyone is loved by another human. In fact, many are not even loved by the very ones from whom love is expected – family, spouses, friends…


So, self-worth is derived from the “self” in that cognizant worth must be received, not expected. However, self-worth is truly not “self” because the only love that is s truly known, truly universal, truly, omnipotent, is God’s love. Therefore self-worth is really God’s worth. And nothing human is godly.