June is coming to an end. As I begin to look back on the month, I am glad and disappointed in how it’s come together.

I intentionally scheduled as much as possible for the month. It was with the intent of “getting over the formalities and on with the summer.” And I’ve no doubt that I accomplished that! However, I failed in a couple of fundamental ways in the planning.

First, never did I consider the daily tasks of life in the planning. Y’know, regular activities that must be scheduled. And because of that, not everything fit in. And secondly, I didn’t keep a global enough view of the calendar choices other people would make that would also affect us. But it’s all OK.

It’s all OK because the decisions are made, the activities mostly done, and a open canvas of summer ahead for us. There’s lots of room for adventures and excursions and time together without watching a clock. And this weekend, we’ll start by camping here on our own turf in an easy and comfortable way. It’s FRI-DAY.

And, as random as it is, read this ad for a pick-up. It rocks! And it’s FRI-DAY! In Canada, too!