I am going to dote on my Husband this weekend. It is FRI-DAY and that is my focus.

Not that it is a fair nor acceptable card to play, but with the help of well, it doesn’t matter – I’ve been a little witchy the last many days. OK. Very witchy. Not mean or ugly to Husband. But not very nice to the government tools he was attempting to talk out of trees. And I’ve made more than a few derogatory remarks about bureaucrats, lazy people we know, and well, pretty much anything or one that provoked (or earned) my ire.

I am not playing any cards. I was just wrong and at 37 years old, I should be able to control my tongue more easily And I will. I will.

Because it’s FRI-DAY. The weekend is here. The eldest is away camping, the two youngest are enjoying a day at Quaker Lake Camp, and we have a dock on which to work. Nicely, of course.