There are many new readers to this blog thing and they’re asking why do I “hate” the government. First, I do hate what our government currently is. I will not deny that. I do not, however, hate government in general. I believe from my own journey through the founding literature and writings of our countrymen and women, that a minimal government is essential when living en masse as we do now.

A minimal government allows people to make their own choices and therefore receive, acknowledge, and sometimes suffer the good or bad or unintended consequences of those decisions.

A minimal government allows for the free market to act and the natural law of supply and demand to balance the needs of ourselves and others.

A minimal government allows individuals and families to live their lives according to their own value systems.

Life would not always be easy, simple, or even guaranteed. Nor is it now with a nanny government make every decision for each of us.

I was not wronged into feeling this way. My family has a host of loyal government employees in current and past generations. In fact, I was encouraged, no, urged to apply to the government for work. I did once, right out of college and was not hired. *whew*

Never have I felt or been acted upon by the government in such a way that my attitude turned sour to government.

Never have I had a family member wronged by the government. At least of which I am aware.

My eyes opened. Slowly. Very.Slowly. And they keep opening. To the point that I recognize the intrinsic *lack* of value in most government jobs and roles.

That’s not a smack to the employees who hold those jobs. Although I do question their intent when accepting a role with what I believe to be the anti-christ. I feel confident most government employees were encouraged by the same things generations of government employees before them enjoyed – a very fair wage, undeniable benefits, and security. Every level of government has acknowledge the overlap of responsibilities, yet how many divisions/departments/agencies have been closed during these very difficult financial times? Exactly.

No, I don’t hold a grudge at all. I’d need some cause of action to get a grudge involved…

I just opened my eyes. And kept them open. And yes, that means acknowledging my take of the government as well. And no, it doesn’t burn. Stings a little at times, but it doesn’t burn. The strength of my individual liberty overrides the pain.