There was a news story getting a lot of attention over the weekend about a person who drown on the beach in Alameda, CA as the First Responders watched and did nothing. Just google it. Every news outlet has it.

The man who is so outraged had his face all over network and internet news. He is the one ultimately responsible for the death.

As I understand, the First Responders could not act because they were bound by government policy that cut cold water rescues. The first responders only did what they were told to do. They were only doing what the citizens of Alameda, CA told them to do.

And yet the man complaining about those first responders sat and watched, too. He waited for the government to “fix” it. Why didn’t he run in after the drowning person? Apparently, he wasn’t that concerned about the drowning…

Citizen inaction is worse than government inaction.


WE ARE THE PEOPLE. We gave the government the strength to do everything they do and do NOT do. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE WHEN THE GOVERNMENT ACTS OR FAILS TO ACT.


Our society expects that when we can’t or don’t want to do something, the government will do it for us.

Decide whether or not to hold a civil  marriage ceremony? Government says DO it! (And we’ll “reward” you.)

Decide whether or not to stab a baby with a thick needle moments after birth? Government says do it. (We’ll make sure he isn’t going to die in 6 hours.)

Decide whether or not to inject foreign bodies into an infant? Government says do it. (We’ll keep him healthy.)

Decide whether or not to have a two-parent working family? Government says do it. (We’ll provide daycare.)

Can’t decide how to educate a child? Government says do it our way. (It’s FREE, and we’ll keep him ALL day.)

Can’t decide whether or not to buy a car, buy a home, have another child? Government says do it and we’ll help you all along on the way with incentives, “tax breaks,” and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll bail you out.

Can’t decide whether or not to stay alive after you’ve extended your life beyond its capacity? No worries! Government has that covered, too. With “free” healthcare as long as you do it government’s way.

As a society, we GIVE THE GOVERNMENT PERMISSION to control our lives. I will not give the government permission to control me. I can think for myself. I am deciding how I will live my life.

What will you do? Nothing? And wait for the government to fix it for you? Inaction, huh? Because when you do that, you’re not  just allowing people to drown in their own inaction, to drown in the government’s action and inaction, but you’re holding heads under water and you are now responsible for the death of liberty.