Wow. What happened to this week? Seriously? I had two goals this week. I accomplished one.

My goals were 1.) to be more diligent and faithful in my reading with God and in my conversation with my Bible study friend and 2.) to adjust our family to our summer schedule of outdoor work and play in the morning with lessons after lunch.

So, maybe I accomplished 1-1/2 goals. I was diligent and faithful in my reading and writing. With great joy I received what I believe to be an interesting perspective from Revelation 17.

And we definitely established the outside work and play in the morning hours. The lessons… Eh, not so much. But we will. We’re now stocked with books on the Civil War, Geology, Jewelry Making, Dragons, and Puppies. You guess which kid picked what.

So, I enter FRI-DAY with an attitude of reflection for precious times spent with a variety of friends, an attitude of unity as we move through tonight and tomorrow filled with children’s baseball and tennis games and practices, and an attitude of gratitude for the work we’ll tackle together on the property Sunday and Monday. I am grateful.