I am amending my summer reading list on its first day because we went to the library this evening while Reade was at baseball practice. I have deleted the Outlander series in lieu of another singular book called Outlander by Gil Adamson. There is a horse on the jacket so it must be good. Even when I skimmed through the front cover, I read “In 1903 a mysterious young woman flees alone across the West, one heart-pounding step ahead of the law…” SO I am hooked and I haven’t even turned to the title page.


I also caught a Children’s Illustrated Classics edition of Louisa May Alcott’s Good Wives. She is my second favorite author. Laura Ingalls Wilder being first and Eudora Welty being third. Lee Smith on the list, too, but I recently re-read Family Linens and I think it hit a little too close to home. Not only will I enjoy reading Alcott’s lovely story again, but to hold this beautiful book is an experience in itself.


And lastly, while looking in the card catalog for a book on the royal family, I ran across Peggy Orenstein’s Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the front lines of the new girlie-girl culture. I hope this is funny. It looks funny. But generally when something has a dewey decimal number on it, it is entertaining, but not typically funny. And I *heart* the dewey decimal system. I do. I want to one day have our own library arranged with dewey decimal labels on each book. They are already generally categorized as such. But I digress.


SO… I’ve adjusted my summer reading list. Which is a good thing. I think I’ll have some time to read at baseball, tennis, and well, The Pond.


**NOTE** I am writing this from my actual laptop, however, I do not see an underline function on wordpress and I am not willing to be bothered with html at this point in my life, so please assume the book titles are underlined rather than simply in bold print. Because I do know my MLA…