This weekend could not have arrived soon enough. Our family has had a lot of adventures of late and finally we are here together and can be still. Well, not sitting and staring at one another, but not running to baseball, tennis, parties, etc., etc.

The biggest news is that the pond opens Saturday. Yes! The pond! Our kids swim in our pond. It is open from Memorial Day to whenever I grow tired of lifeguarding. With required life jackets and optional but always fun noodles, the children and their friends will successfully wear themselves out nearly every day. Starting Saturday.

We turn on the outdoor stereo, fill a cooler, take out towels and chairs, and just be. We will sit still and count lifejackets. We will sit still.

Maybe the fireworks will appear. Sparklers at least. If I can get the good, long ones.

And then, once night settles in the spring peepers, snapping turtles, and the great blue heron may have their pond back. Until Sunday.